Who We Are

Welcome to the NUS Chapter of the Art of Living!

Our goal is to preserve one of the most endangered species in today’s world: Stress-free Youth!

A Stress-Free mind is important for us to achieve our true potential ! We believe one can achieve this by managing our mind through tools like Yoga, Breathing techniques & Meditation. Empowered with these tools, we have more time to do everything including volunteering and giving back to the society.

Our motto is “Yoga, Meditate & Volunteer” !

A student interest group at National University of Singapore, Singapore (NUS), we organize many fun events through the semester like fun alternate parties like the Yoga Jam, introductory Meditation seminars, Yoga Marathons, free yoga sessions and our flagship workshop: YES!+ 

For YES!+ / Happiness program graduates, we have a weekly follow up on Sundays at UTown for you to join! 🙂

We are a student chapter of the global Art of Living Foundation, a non-profit, educational, humanitarian organization. Present in 152 countries, it is one of the world’s largest volunteer based NGO’s. Founded in 1981, in just 35 years, it has touched the lives of over 370 million people through its educational and self-development programs and service initiatives.


Join our Student Interest group for CCA on NUS OrgSync

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated about our activities!

You can always Contact us on nusartofliving@gmail.com


About Us | Yoga Jam | Mind MattersYES!+ | Yogathon | Volunteer | Scribble Pad | Join Us

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