YES PLUS (Youth Empowerment Seminar+) provides us with tools to manage our stress and energy levels, leading us to a more happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life. This program challenges young people to reach their highest potential and has made a difference to thousands across the world.

What is the YES!+?

  • Success without Stress
  • Be Focused & Relaxed at the same time
  • Having a good time while understanding ourselves in a deeper way
  • Connection & Service-  Make meaningful connections & understand how making a difference impacts your well-being.

YES!+ is a one-of-a-kind workshop that combines powerful breathing techniques like the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (S.K.Y) with light physical yoga, meditation, practical wisdom, service, and interactive group-exercises.  Get Empowered by learning how the mind works and how you can pursue your goals while being happy and fulfilled.

The techniques and exercises in the workshop are designed to enable participants to relax and de-stress the body and mind in a very deep way.  It’s fun and rejuvenating, almost like a retreat that is totally focused on your current and future well-being.

Once learnt, the techniques are one’s own, and so can be taken home and applied throughout one’s life. Plus weekly follow up’s happen at many places in Singapore, including NUS (in fact in 152 countries! :D) for you to practice the techniques taught with other YES!+ graduates !

Why YES!+?

Let’s face the facts. University life is a very stressful and demanding. Doing less may not always be an option. However, expanding one’s ability to handle stress is. And YesPlus can help you do that.

  • Be Happier & more Joyful !
  • Beat stress and anxiety
  • Do More with less time
  • Fearlessly take on additional Challenges and Responsibility
  • Become Vibrant, Dynamic and Ready for any Change
  • Improve interpersonal Relationships

Stimulate the intellect, Trigger the mind & Stretch the body!

Check out the Testimonials page to hear from participants of past workshops from all over the world!

YES!+ is offered at many premier education institutes like MIT, Berkeley, Purdue, NYU, UPenn, Duke, GeorgiaTech and corporates like Google, NASA, IBM. In fact, at some universities like Stanford and John Hopkins, it is offered as a credit course!

Is there Research on these techniques?

YES! See this Harvard Mental Health Letter for a snapshot and read up on the many many research papers on medical benefits of SKY practice! Or watch this video for a simple summary of it all !

The Next YES!+  

Dates: October 10th – 13th

Thurs – Fri : 7 PM – 10.30 PM; Sat – Sun : 2 PM – 6.30 PM

Venue: Dance Atelier – 2, Level 3, Stephen Riady Centre, UTown, NUS

Regular course fee : $250; Student discounted fee: $200

(Please note that all attending all sessions is mandatory since every session builds on the previous session)


For any queries, you can email us at, or contact us on 91340863.

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