Feedback & Testimonials from YES+  participants at NUS over the years

I had severe heart instability problem for years. When it happened, I would feel heart racing, rapid breathing and would sweat profusely. My mind would be blank, and I couldn’t do my work, nor go out to socialize with people. It usually happened from late afternoon, until the moment I fell asleep. It would happen for 6 to 7 days out of a week, that means almost every evening. My results also dropped a lot because of that.

Initially, when I participated in YES+ and learnt Kriya (a kind of breathing practice that you will learn during YES+), I just wish to relieve the symptoms. However, after I practise it for a few months, the problem just somehow cease. Now, I have more time to do my work and to go out to socialize. Thanks YES + for helping me with that.

You may ask: I don’t have such physical problem, how can I benefit from it? After I learnt and practised Kriya, I do gain more clarity in my mind, and I am more self-aware now: aware of what triggers my stressful emotion, aware if I am procrastinating again, aware if certain ways of thinking are self-destructing/self-undermining. If you wish to be more efficient in working, self-awareness is certainly something you need.

Hope you get a notion of what is YES+ and Kriya, and are encouraged to reap the benefit of it.

Tok You Liang, Mech Engineering Undergrad at NUS (2017) 

Thanks all, I have found my inner self. I’m so happy to meet you guys! —Qiongling, Student (Industrial Design) at NUS (2016)

Attended this wonderful seminar these past five days. And I’ll recommend Anyone to attend! You’ll find out what you need to know during it. ‪#‎yesplus‬ —Mikkel, Exchange Student (Law) from Uni Copenhagen (2015)

“YES!+ was an unexpected experience that I am so grateful for! I did not really know that well what I was signing up for and I was amazed about how complete the workshop was. It was both physical and mental, helping you improve your health in both senses and getting to make amazing friends along the way. I have surely noticed some changes in me since the workshop. I am more conscious about myself, what I do, what I feel, how to react… I loved learning how to meditate, but also all the topics and conversations we had during YES!+ were so deep and important.

So many things they teach you can be life changing! I have been able to maintain a more positive perspective on my life ever since. YES!+ was just the trigger to a new mind-set and even a new life style that I am embracing now!” — Leire Froufe, Exchange student from University of Glasgow

Thank you for wonderful experience! ‪#‎YESPLUS‬ wonderful wonderful… 🙂 —Angelina, Undergrad at NTU (2015)

It’s amazing course. You can never imagine how great it is unless you be one of them. —Qian, MBA student at NUS Biz (2015)

a very wonderful experience…. You learn how to relax yourselves… there is a connectivity and a feeling of belongingness that you experience… you can get relieved of all your worries. A good way to learn how to be in the present and enjoy the moment, accepting things and people the way they are.😃 I am in love with this…. 😍😃#‪#‎Yeslpus‬## awesome it is… 💜 
—Khushboo, PhD student (Chemistry) at NUS, (2016)


‪#‎yesplus‬. Awesome course . You perspective towards life will completely change..  —Deepak, Citibank

Really Awesome program ……. enjoyed …. energtised…… got connected with wonderful people in this program…. —Shary, IT

Thanks a lot NUS Art of living 🙂 It was a wonderful experience to meet new people and have some insight about myself. Feeling more connected to myself and everyone 🙂 ‪#‎YES‬+ —Anurag, PhD student at NUS

I was recommended art of living by a friend. I am really feeling grateful. The course helped me open up to a different dimension inside out. It helped me explore inner dimensions by controlling my mind and body and at the same time it helped me feel more connected to everyone. I feel more connected, energetic, happy and peaceful. I would totally recommend the course to anyone who is wondering what it would take to live life fully and experience life from the inside!
–Aishwarya, Research Associate at A*Star

Read about the YES!+ with Atika in April 2015.

“Feel so relaxed.. as if I am on a holiday!” — Ruby, PhD Physics, NUS

“I haven’t smoked since the YES+ ! Giving up smoking was so easy with the practices taught. Amazing!” – Amar, PhD, NUS


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