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Mind Matters - NUS


Forcing the mind to relax or have positive feelings simply doesn’t work! In fact, it usually leads to the exact opposite thing! How many times a day are we plagued by self-doubt, anxiety, drama over trivial reasons ? Is there a way to make the mind listen to you?

In this introductory seminar, we will be talking about some techniques which are extremely effective in handling the mind, emotions and stress. Together we will explore the connection between the mind and the breath. How can one skillfully use the breath to handle the mind and emotions. The session also includes a short guided meditation.

This semester (AY 2017/18 – Sem 2), we have these sessions in association with Residential Life, NUS at the PGPR and UTR residences as a prelude to the YES+ workshop! Feel free to join in at any of these sessions

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Contact:  nusartofliving@gmail.com

Mind Matters also serves as an introductory session to our 18-hour intensive workshop: Youth Empowerment Seminar+ or the YES!+. You can find out more about this fabulous workshop HERE.

*Free Entry – Open to All.
**Also join us for our free yoga sessions on Sundays !
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