A new Academic year & Lots of Exciting stuff!


A warm welcome to all the freshers joining NUS this year and a welcome back to returning students! Hope you had a good summer break 🙂

This semester we have a bunch of activities and some exciting news! Come find our booth at the Student Life Fair-2017 from Aug 17-19 to know more about our group, our activities and how you can join! Briefly our schedule this semester looks like this:

On the activities front, we have our weekly free Yoga sessions starting from August 27, running till reading week. This semester there will be a rotation of teachers who will teach different styles of yoga like vinyasa yoga, hath yoga, fun stuff like laughter yoga, animal yoga, etc. Find out the details at this page. Those who are graduates of the YES+/Happiness program, we have the weekly follow up right after the yoga sessions. 

To give you a feel of mindfulness practices and introduce you to breathing techniques and meditation, we have the Mind Matters seminar – a one-and-half hour interactive session. We will in fact have 3 independent sessions in September this semester. Check out the details at this page.

Which leads us to the exciting news: The Residential Life, Office of Student Affairs is organizing the super awesome YESPlus workshop at PGPR and UTR residences… and the best part? They are sponsoring 75% of the course fee for residents!!!!! So grab this fantabulous chance and register right away!

To backtrack… What is the YES+ ?

YES+ provides us with tools to manage our stress and energy levels, leading us to a more happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life. This workshop has been taught in over 100 universities around the world and at corporate institutions such as Google and the World Bank. Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Success without Stress – Think that success and stress go hand in hand? Research shows that we are more productive and creative without high levels of stress. YES+ provides empirically validated tools for decreased stress.

– Energy  – Learn unique meditation and breathing techniques to recharge and boost your efficiency.

– Focus & Relaxation  – Find out how to achieve a relaxed and focused state of mind so you can live in the present moment and get things done without the jitters

– Empowerment  – Learn how the mind works and how you can pursue your goals while being happy and fulfilled.

– Connection & Service – Make some of the most meaningful connections you’ve made on campus and understand how making a differences impacts your well-being

Excited yet?! Find out more about the course on this linked page. This semester we are having two sessions of the workshop: 12-15 October and 19-22 October.


On the volunteering end, we will going to the Moral Welfare home every first Saturday of the month. Find out the details here.

This semester, we will are not having the Yoga Jam party due to some logistical difficulties… but perhaps next semester? 🙂

Looking forward to meeting all of you and having a great time ahead this semester 🙂


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s message for New Year 2017


Message from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from Bad Antogast, Germany ( la traduizone dopo)

  • In this year, let KNOWLEDGE take a front seat in our lives. When knowledge is in the back seat it leads to ignorance and regret. When in the front seat, it leads to joy and celebration in life.
  • There are GOOD qualities in everybody. The courageous ones will appreciate the good qualities , even if it is one’s own enemy.
  • Life revolves around money, relationships and reputation. In getting these three things, we lose our health. In trying to catch one and the other, we become miserable. When we are miserable, we lose all these four ( money, relationships, reputation and health). Life is short, why make it miserable for those around you ? Life is so much beyond reputation.

INSTEAD, Life is Commitment, Wisdom, Service and Celebration. Life is about  making it a celebration, uplifting human spirit, pumping in enthusiasm, being committed and doing good. When we focus on these four, then money , reputation, relationship and health comes.

  • Challenges bring Charm in your life. With Wisdom, face the Challenges and face the Charm !
  • Let’s Plan! What BIG thing do you want to do in 2017?  You can accomplish it.


Meditation & The Art of Living

Beautifully explained!
In universities, the Happiness Program is called YES!+ which we have at NUS! 🙂

Shailesh Venkatesh

Why should you meditate?

  1. What is Meditation
  2. The Technique
  3. Outcomes

The natural tendency of the mind is to descend into stress. The mind either hangs on to the past (regret, anger, despair) or projects the future (anxiety, worry or even hope). The mind constantly vacillates between the past and the future and this is stress. Let us look at how people deal with stress. People come up with different defence mechanisms for stress. Some may immerse themselves into work at the expense of everything else that matters in their lives (e.g. Lack of balance leading to poor family lives, or poor health). Some may avoid work to the detriment of their work life. Some indulge in binging (Eating, drinking, holidaying). Some do extreme sports like climbing mountains, running marathons. While some of these activities do have a lot of positives (e.g. sport), the issue is when these are just a form…

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Student Achievement Awards !!!


It was the 11th Student Achievements Awards given out by NUS  “ to recognise exceptional individual/student groups ho have made noteworthy contributions to student life in the university”  yesterday.

Aaaaandd… we, the NUS Art of Living interest group won the Achievement Award for “YOGA JAM” under the Projects (New Initiatives) category out of 38 nominations in that category!! Whoo Hooo!!

Our group also received a certificate in Recognition for Contribution to “CAMPUS VIBRANCY” for AY 14/15. Last year we had the Yogathon, first ever Yoga Jam, couple of YES!+’s , introductory yoga & meditation sessions… and most importantly, a talk by the inspirational Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at NUS !! 🙂


Thank you everyone for making the first ever Yoga Jam a huge success last year! smile emoticon
And special thanks to Student Organisations (Lyana & Kenneth) for their support & encouragement!

With your support and motivation, we will to continue to bring to you vibrant projects, so that we can all ‘Live our Potential’ ! 🙂

Do look out for the updates on our Facebook page for the upcoming events (YES!+ and Mind Matters) . Once again, Kudos to the team! :-))

‪#‎SAA2016‬ ‪#‎YogaJam‬ ‪#‎NUSAOLRocks‬ !!



Weekly Yoga sessions Sem-2 (2016-2017)


We have the Themed Weekly yoga sessions (Yes… these are FREE!) for sem-2 ( 2016-2017). These are open for all NUS students/staff.



The Schedule is as follows (Kindly come in 5 mins early!) :

  • 24th January, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 31st January, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 14th February, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 21st February, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 6th March, Sunday 9:30- 10:30 AM
  • 20th March, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 27th March, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM

Don’t forget bring two most important things: Your YOGA MAT and your FRIENDS! 😀

Venue: Practice Room-1, Level-3, Stephen Riady Centre, UTown

**Each session has a different instructor & different theme and so are independent of each other. Feel free to join in for any session. For info about each week’s theme, check out our Facebook Page!

For graduates of the YES!+ / Happiness Program or Part-1, the weekly Yoga will be followed by long Sudarshan Kriya follow up at 10:30 AM 


Mind Matters ! Sept 22 @ NUS

Mind Matters

A FREE introductory session which explores the connection between the mind and the breath. How we can skillfully use the breath to relax our mind and emotions.

Sept 22, Tuesday (7 – 8.30 PM)

@ Practice Room-1, Level-3 Stephen Riady Centre, UTown, NUS


Contact: Aneesh (9774 1565) or Jixiang (9083 8053)

About the Instructors:

Shailesh Shailesh Venkatesh is a banker with over 15 years in the banking industry. With ANZ currently, he is the APEA Head of Liquidity Solutions, Global Transaction Banking. He shares a passion for business alongside a passion to understand how to handle the mind. A trained instructor of the Art of Living, he has been teaching bankers, professionals and students how to handle the mind since 2009, at first in London and now here in Singapore, where he lives and works.

SylvainSylvain Remy is the Director of Institute of Sustainable Development & Smart Cities at the ESSEC Business School. He has been practicing yoga and meditation for 18 years. Although he had been pretty much enjoying life up till then, in 1997, he discovered the wonderful benefits this simple practice brought to his quality of life. Sylvain has been teaching Sudarshan Kriya since 2005.

RAS Scheme


Internal Recognition and Recommendation Scheme for NUS Art of Living (AY2015/16)

Scheme for Category A of Residence Admission Scheme (RAS): Announcement will be made via email to all ExCo 2015-16 members of the NUS Art of Living interest group for application to self-nominate for the RAS scheme by a stipulated date. In the case where there is an excess in demand, selection of nominees will be done by an internal vote within the NUS Art of Living Executive Committee (ExCo). All interested members, shall be granted an opportunity to give a five minutes presentation at a meeting on why they should be one of the four people to be considered for balloting. A vote will then be cast within the ExCo and the four people with the highest number of votes shall be chosen to participate in this tier of balloting under the group’s endorsement.

In case of open spaces left in the ballot, self-nomination will open to all members of the NUS Art of Living group. On excess demand, the above-mentioned procedure of internal vote by the ExCo will be followed.

Scheme for Category D of Residence Admission Scheme (RAS): Announcement will be made via email to all members of the NUS Art of Living interest group for application to self-nominate for the RAS scheme by a stipulated date along with details of their involvement in the group’s activities during the year. In the case where there is an excess in demand, selection of nominees will be done by an internal vote within the NUS Art of Living Executive Committee (ExCo). The four people with the highest number of votes shall be chosen to participate in this tier of balloting under the group’s endorsement.


For more information on RAS, please refer to :


 **Please note that this scheme is available only for NUS undergraduate students.

Prepared by:

Ira Agrawal

President (ExCo 2015 – 2016)

NUS Art of Living

(Fb): www.facebook.com/NUSArtofLiving

(w): www.nusartofliving.wordpress.com

Weekly Follow Up (Sundays)


For graduates of the YES!+ / Happiness Program or Part-1, we have a weekly follow up at National University of Singapore (NUS) every Sunday at the Stephen Riady Centre, UTown.

The follow up consists of yoga, pranayam & SKY practices taught in the workshops and time to catch up with friends! 🙂

Time: 10 AM – 12 Noon

Date: Every Sunday

Venue: Practice Room, Stephen Riady Centre, 2 College Avenue East, UTown

Contact Aneesh (97741565) for exact details on the venue.

YES!+ With Atika !

April 9 – 12, 2015 at Stephen Riady Centre, NUS

Atika Dhandia is not only a globe-trotting image consultant & a chic jewelry designer, she is also one of the international directors of the YES!+ ! And we had the lucky chance to have a YES!+ workshop conducted by her right here at NUS !

SoOoo much fun, energy and happyyy faces all around!! 🙂

It was a fantastic mix of meditation, SKY, yoga with games like dog-n-the-bone to go back to being child-like, delicious salads from iron chef competition, funky dancing, along with deep knowledge & self-realization.

Ruby, a PhD student, said she felt so relaxed and happy as if she had been on a long vacation !
Another participant, Chris felt happy for no reason! Nan wanted to know how soon she could train to become a teacher and spread this fantastic workshop back in her hometown in China! 🙂

Some snapshots of the lovely time we all had are available here.

What are you still waiting for? Just go, sign up for the next YES!+ at NUS !