Yogathon FAQs


1. What is Yogathon?
Yogathon is an initiative of the Art of Living to create awareness about yoga and create interest in its practice for healthier living. The first ever Yogathon in Singapore happened in April 2013 at ECP & NUS. The next Yogathon in Singapore is happening at NUS on February 11th, 2017 ! Hurry & Register!


2. When and where can I register?


3. What are the categories?
The Yogathon Challenge is to inspire people to learn Sun Salutations and allows you to participate in the marathon to the best of your ability. We have two categories:
Gold Challenge: A serious attempt to complete 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar. Participants will be awarded a Gold Certificate.
Spirit of Participation: An open category to challenge yourself to do as many rounds as you can.


4. Why Sun Salutations?
Sun Salutation is a wholesome body workout comprising a special sequence of 12 yoga postures. Done at a fast pace, it can be an excellent cardiovascular workout that stretches and tones all the muscles. However, done at slow pace, Sun Salutations acts as an efficient stamina building exercise. Research shows, this yoga sequence improves the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.


5. What do I need to bring?
Just a yoga mat and yourself! 🙂


6. Where can I buy a yoga mat?
Some close-by places to buy mats from are:
  • Shops in the lane next to Clementi Mall (~$ 10)
  • Supermarkets like GIANT in Vivo city or West Coast Plaza (~$15-20)
  • Any Sports Equipment shop like Liang Seng in UTown (depending on the brand: $20-40)


7. Will you have first aid on the venue?
Yes, First Aid kits and certified First Aiders will be available at the venue.


8. Do you offer free sessions?
Yes, registered participants will be offered free training sessions. The schedule will be out soon! Watch this webpage for updates!


9. How do I confirm my registration?
Registration for Yogathon is only confirmed upon payment. There will be no fee refund for participants who do not eventually take part in the event, for any reasons whatsoever.


10. Can I transfer my registration to a friend or family?
Participants are strictly not allowed to transfer their registrations to any another party.


11. Can we sponsor the event?
Yes, sponsorship opportunity comes your way for the event. Call us @ 91340863 or email us nusartofliving .at. gmail .dot. com to discuss the details. It’s an opportunity to reach-out to university students and promote your products as well. 


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