Yoga Jam


“The creative fusion of contemporary beats & rhythms with yoga & meditation. Yoga Jam presents the perfect blend of sound and silence, movement and stillness.”  – Nicholas, Argentina

From movement to silence, have fun dancing as the DJ cranks up the music, stretch with the yoga & dive deep in the meditation!

Read about the past year’s parties:  2018, 2016, 2014,   2015

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Yoga Jam is a party like none other in the world, a new concept in fun where the body responds only to the stimulation of music, yoga & meditation. The initiative sprang forth from the Art of Living Foundation, the largest volunteer-run NGO in the world. Just like the rest of the Foundation’s initiatives, the motive is non-profit.

Yoga Jam was born as a healthy & balanced yet fun alternative. While singing & dancing, one feels true energy, joy & enthusiasm that come from within, not as a result of something external. Yoga Jam leaves you with an intoxication that brings enthusiasm rather an intoxication that depletes your energy.

We envision a new wave of entertainment for young people, based on nothing but music and our mind to create an atmosphere of natural enthusiasm, celebration and joy. Our vision is to create a movement that will support all people to come together in deeper connection and celebration, without the fallout.

Yoga Jam, the alternative holistic party, is creating a trend among youth of  the west (including countries such as Argentina, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, Bulgaria and Lithuania to name a few). We are really excited to bring the party to NUS!

Note: Photography and Videography will be carried out throughout the event. NUS Art of Living may use some or all of these images in its print publications, digital platforms and/or marketing channels

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