Yogathon, Challenge Yourself, NUS

Aaaannd… we are back with Yogathon – 2017 !

February 11th 2017, Saturday, 4.30 PM

@ Town Green, NUS

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Challenge yourself to learn Yoga and Stretch some more!


The Yogathon is for both beginners and advance level practitioners of yoga and includes the #108SunSalutationsChallenge, fun yoga, animal yoga, partner yoga, laughter yoga, photo booth, stalls and lots more!

#108SunSalutationsChallenge is to complete 108 rounds of Sun Salutations! They are a series of 12 powerful Yoga postures, which rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit! Not only are the Sun Salutations a wholesome workout, which help develop physique, muscle strength and reflexes, research suggests that it is one of the best things you can do for the mind as well. The well-known benefits include improved concentration & confidence and also lowered stress and anxiety.

Event Format:

Registration and reporting begins at 4.30 PM and the Yogathon, led by experienced yoga teachers begins at 5 PM.

The Yogathon will take ~2 hours. We have two categories of participation for the marathon:

GOLD Challenge: The participants seriously attempt to complete 108 rounds of the Sun Salutations. We highly recommend prior practice of the Sun Salutations to participate in this category. (you can join in our daily practice sessions – see below for details). You can also have a look at the the recommended training chart for reference!

Spirit of Participation: The participants complete as many rounds of Sun Salutations as they are comfortable doing and participate in all the other fun yoga in the event. 🙂

Practice Sessions

From our past experience, with a little practice most participants can actually finish the 108 Sun Salutations challenge ! You can start learning and practicing the Sun Salutations at home by looking at this video!

To help you learn the Sun Salutations and gear up for the Yogathon, we will also have informal practise sessions for registered participants! Feel free to join in anytime.

The schedule is as follows, till 9 Feb, Thursday :

  • Mon – Fri : 7 PM @ ERC Rooftop (Education resource centre, UTown, NUS)
  • Sunday : 9 AM @ Practice room-1, Level-3, Stephen Riady Centre

Why 108 you ask? Completing 108 sun salutations is challenging enough to sound compelling but not completely daunting. Yogathon, 108 Sun Salutations, offers the perfect opportunity to experience the energy created by participating in this challenging but easily accomplished practice. The number 108 also has significance in many traditions and cultures including Chinese, Indian, Islam, Buddhist, etc.

What after Yogathon?

You can keep yourself involved with Yoga activities and our group with all these activities:

  • Weekly Yoga – Every Sunday, come relax with some stretches
  • Mind Matters – Experience the power of breath & meditation
  • YES!+ – Youth Empowerment Seminar+, an awesome workshop to train yourself in crucial life skills and soft skills.

This is the fourth year of the Yogathon Challenge at NUS! Check out the pictures from the past Yogathons (2013-15) here!

Sun Salutations for Beginners | Fitness Guidelines | Yogathon FAQs | Past Yogathons | Contact Us

About Us | Yoga Jam | YES!+ | Mind Matters | Volunteer | Scribble Pad | Join Us


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