First Ever Yoga Jam in Singapore!

Yoga Jam @ NUS – The perfect blend of sound and silence, movement and stillness.

In a first of its kind event the National University of Singapore hosted a Yoga Jam at its campus on 29th Aug 2014 at the University town.

Yoga Jam is a party of music, dance, and yoga. It is a new concept where the body responds only to the stimulation of music, yoga & meditation. The initiative sprang forth from the Art of Living Foundation, the largest volunteer-run NGO in the world. Just like the rest of the Foundation’s initiatives, the motive is non-profit.

Yoga Jam was born as a healthy & balanced yet fun alternative. It is an alternative holistic party, which creating a trend among youth. While singing & dancing, one feels true energy, joy & enthusiasm that come from within, not as a result of something external. Yoga Jam leaves you with an intoxication that brings enthusiasm rather an intoxication that depletes your energy.

The youth of NUS envision a new wave of entertainment for young people, based on nothing but music and our mind to create an atmosphere of natural enthusiasm, celebration and joy.

The party started as early as 6pm where participants started lining up at the registration counter and  to get their faces painted and strapping their hands with glow sticks. Some participants in the hall talked nervously among themselves as they waited for the session to begin. A few appeared to be self-conscious, probably asking themselves what they’re doing there. Hari the MC for the evening put the participants at ease with his easy demeanor and quick smile. He offered little in the way of introductory comments other than to assure everyone to be themselves and to have a good time.

A pulsating primal rhythm fills the air curtsey DJ Rehaman, making it impossible not to sway with the beat. A sense of raw freedom filled the room as bodies and minds are passionately set free with ease and laughter thanks to the Zumba & dance session. This went on for about 30 minutes. The floor was then open to the participants for a dance session. DJ Rehaman playing a few numbers from the current top 40 chart busters. With the funky, rocking music the participants shed any remnants of inhibition. Music can do so many things; it evokes deep emotion that helps people to feel alive, free and rise above the boredom.

This then set the stage for Yoga Instructor Adam to start the yoga session. With a bandana tied on his head, long hair and scruffy beard he looked more like a member of a rock band than a yoga instructor. He put the participants at ease as some of them doing yoga for the first time. He started with a few simple series of hurts-so-good stretches and yogic poses with names like Downward Facing Dog, Table Pose, Child’s Pose and Sun salutations.

Adam then led them in a meditative cool down. Sitting still the participants began to enjoy and experience a sense of the calm and deep relaxation, while they mindfully focused on their breath.

The session was then concluded with Ira and Nikhil fellow’s from NUS thanking the participants for supporting the event and announcing future courses.

Feedback: All participants described as a wonderful experience, some even wanted to session to happen every weekend!

Check out the video from the event:

Yoga Jam NUS


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