A new Academic year & Lots of Exciting stuff!


A warm welcome to all the freshers joining NUS this year and a welcome back to returning students! Hope you had a good summer break 🙂

This semester we have a bunch of activities and some exciting news! Come find our booth at the Student Life Fair-2017 from Aug 17-19 to know more about our group, our activities and how you can join! Briefly our schedule this semester looks like this:

On the activities front, we have our weekly free Yoga sessions starting from August 27, running till reading week. This semester there will be a rotation of teachers who will teach different styles of yoga like vinyasa yoga, hath yoga, fun stuff like laughter yoga, animal yoga, etc. Find out the details at this page. Those who are graduates of the YES+/Happiness program, we have the weekly follow up right after the yoga sessions. 

To give you a feel of mindfulness practices and introduce you to breathing techniques and meditation, we have the Mind Matters seminar – a one-and-half hour interactive session. We will in fact have 3 independent sessions in September this semester. Check out the details at this page.

Which leads us to the exciting news: The Residential Life, Office of Student Affairs is organizing the super awesome YESPlus workshop at PGPR and UTR residences… and the best part? They are sponsoring 75% of the course fee for residents!!!!! So grab this fantabulous chance and register right away!

To backtrack… What is the YES+ ?

YES+ provides us with tools to manage our stress and energy levels, leading us to a more happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life. This workshop has been taught in over 100 universities around the world and at corporate institutions such as Google and the World Bank. Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Success without Stress – Think that success and stress go hand in hand? Research shows that we are more productive and creative without high levels of stress. YES+ provides empirically validated tools for decreased stress.

– Energy  – Learn unique meditation and breathing techniques to recharge and boost your efficiency.

– Focus & Relaxation  – Find out how to achieve a relaxed and focused state of mind so you can live in the present moment and get things done without the jitters

– Empowerment  – Learn how the mind works and how you can pursue your goals while being happy and fulfilled.

– Connection & Service – Make some of the most meaningful connections you’ve made on campus and understand how making a differences impacts your well-being

Excited yet?! Find out more about the course on this linked page. This semester we are having two sessions of the workshop: 12-15 October and 19-22 October.


On the volunteering end, we will going to the Moral Welfare home every first Saturday of the month. Find out the details here.

This semester, we will are not having the Yoga Jam party due to some logistical difficulties… but perhaps next semester? 🙂

Looking forward to meeting all of you and having a great time ahead this semester 🙂

Weekly Yoga sessions Sem-2 (2016-2017)


We have the Themed Weekly yoga sessions (Yes… these are FREE!) for sem-2 ( 2016-2017). These are open for all NUS students/staff.



The Schedule is as follows (Kindly come in 5 mins early!) :

  • 24th January, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 31st January, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 14th February, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 21st February, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 6th March, Sunday 9:30- 10:30 AM
  • 20th March, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM
  • 27th March, Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM

Don’t forget bring two most important things: Your YOGA MAT and your FRIENDS! 😀

Venue: Practice Room-1, Level-3, Stephen Riady Centre, UTown

**Each session has a different instructor & different theme and so are independent of each other. Feel free to join in for any session. For info about each week’s theme, check out our Facebook Page!

For graduates of the YES!+ / Happiness Program or Part-1, the weekly Yoga will be followed by long Sudarshan Kriya follow up at 10:30 AM 


Weekly Follow Up (Sundays)


For graduates of the YES!+ / Happiness Program or Part-1, we have a weekly follow up at National University of Singapore (NUS) every Sunday at the Stephen Riady Centre, UTown.

The follow up consists of yoga, pranayam & SKY practices taught in the workshops and time to catch up with friends! 🙂

Time: 10 AM – 12 Noon

Date: Every Sunday

Venue: Practice Room, Stephen Riady Centre, 2 College Avenue East, UTown

Contact Aneesh (97741565) for exact details on the venue.

Beyond the Rat Race – A Talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


After almost 6 months of back-and-forth emails for approvals, permissions, animated discussions on the topic of the talk, publicity, strategies, hurried last minute changes, the day had finally come ! The excitement of the members of the NUS student chapter of Art of Living was palpable:

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the world renown spiritual leader & humanitarian was to address the NUS students and staff on March 31st at Shaw Foundation Alumni House on “Beyond the Rat Race“.

The talk was to start at 5 PM and people started turning up by 3.30 PM for the front seats ! By 4.25 PM, the main Auditorium was full and we opened up three adjacent seminar rooms with the simulcast facility. By 4.45 PM, all the seminar rooms were full too and we had to start turning away people! A short video about Sri Sri’ work and initiatives taken up by the Art of Living was played to fill in the time till the clock struck 5 .

At 5, an obvious increase in the noise levels with people rushing to the entrance for a glimpse heralded His entry. Escorted by Bhumika, who was wearing the Rat mascot costume and staging endearing antics, Sri Sri was greeted with an enthusiastic standing ovation as he entered the hall to an audience waiting to be inspired!

Taking the mike, Sri Sri asked to do something different today. Instead of speaking on the given topic, he wanted a lively QnA, with the audience telling him what to talk about!

The first thing Sri Sri did was to create a friendly, cordial atmosphere for a true discussion to take place by asking the audience to greet their neighbours. The effect was unmistakable! There was a smile on every face and all trace of formality had disappeared. A sense of belongingness had been created – a live example of how Sri Sri makes people all across the world feel at home with him. Sri Sri asked everyone to ensure that no one had been left out. He said: “We don’t want anyone to feel alone in this planet. That’s my goal. We are all a community of human being. The world is one family (and) we should have that sense of togetherness. ” 

Sri Sri engaged the audience in a session of insightful Q & A on topics ranging from the connection between Science & spirituality, achieving harmony between cultures and religions, what true success in life means, importance of meditation & self-introspection in life, dealing with world leaders, giving back to the society and even the meaning of life! Some memorable quotes from the evening:

‘What is this?’ is science.’ Who am I?’ is spirituality. We need both science and spirituality to bring contentment to our soul

 The world is like a Bouquet of flowers! Harmony in diversity is the way of life.

Audience: “How do you interact with World Leaders for peace negotiations?”
Sri Sri: “I meet them as humans first”

Audience: “If we forget everthing when we die, what is the point of doing anything in life?”
Sri Sri- “Tell me, What did you have for breakfast on 31st March exactly 5 years ago?”
Audience: “I dont remember…”
Sri Sri – “Then what is the point of having breakfast ?! “


It was such a uplifting experience!

450+ members of the NUS community attended the talk by Sri Sri at the Shaw Foundation Alumni house, National University of Singapore.