Meditation & The Art of Living

Beautifully explained!
In universities, the Happiness Program is called YES!+ which we have at NUS! 🙂

Shailesh Venkatesh

Why should you meditate?

  1. What is Meditation
  2. The Technique
  3. Outcomes

The natural tendency of the mind is to descend into stress. The mind either hangs on to the past (regret, anger, despair) or projects the future (anxiety, worry or even hope). The mind constantly vacillates between the past and the future and this is stress. Let us look at how people deal with stress. People come up with different defence mechanisms for stress. Some may immerse themselves into work at the expense of everything else that matters in their lives (e.g. Lack of balance leading to poor family lives, or poor health). Some may avoid work to the detriment of their work life. Some indulge in binging (Eating, drinking, holidaying). Some do extreme sports like climbing mountains, running marathons. While some of these activities do have a lot of positives (e.g. sport), the issue is when these are just a form…

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