YES!+ With Atika !

April 9 – 12, 2015 at Stephen Riady Centre, NUS

Atika Dhandia is not only a globe-trotting image consultant & a chic jewelry designer, she is also one of the international directors of the YES!+ ! And we had the lucky chance to have a YES!+ workshop conducted by her right here at NUS !

SoOoo much fun, energy and happyyy faces all around!! 🙂

It was a fantastic mix of meditation, SKY, yoga with games like dog-n-the-bone to go back to being child-like, delicious salads from iron chef competition, funky dancing, along with deep knowledge & self-realization.

Ruby, a PhD student, said she felt so relaxed and happy as if she had been on a long vacation !
Another participant, Chris felt happy for no reason! Nan wanted to know how soon she could train to become a teacher and spread this fantastic workshop back in her hometown in China! 🙂

Some snapshots of the lovely time we all had are available here.

What are you still waiting for? Just go, sign up for the next YES!+ at NUS !

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