Celebrating Joy & Harmony

Ever since the riot in Little India broke out in Dec 2013, our AOL team has stayed on its toes in organizing different stress relief programs for the immigrant workers living in dormitories spread across the whole of Singapore.

With a positive nod from Ministry of Manpower and Indian High Comission, “Breath Water Sound” Workshops are being held in each dormitory during the weekends to engage the workers in a healthy manner benefiting them. To our delight, a multi ethnic crowd in huge numbers turned up with great enthusiasm to
take part in these programs. The workshop aims to improve over-all physical and mental wellness, enhance focus and learn to deal with negative emotions like anger, depression etc- and most importantly, to highlight the importance of breath in achieving these. Several breathing and meditation techniques are taught in these sessions which have been proven useful in revitalizing and rejuvenating both mind and body.

The first event at Westlite, one of the biggest worker dormitories in Singapore, was a huge hit, with the workers dancing and yoga-ing to the beats of a popular hindi number- “Lungi dance”. Everyone shared different yet beautiful & positive experiences through these sessions of breathing practices and yoga. In order to provide opportunities for every worker to participate, similar workshops are being held at different locations with the help of AOL volunteers
and teachers.

So do join us in spreading happiness and peace, and experience the bliss in being a part of some magical transformations ..!

More information on this can be found here!




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