YES!+ Rendezvous

It was the Last Sunday of 2013 i.e. 29th Dec 2013. The Clock Ticked 5:00PM. Everyone was excited!! Why???

It was time for the YES!+ Rendezvous!!

The beautiful evening unfolded with blissful smiles. Adam (Our Rocking YES!+ Teacher) started off with some interesting games – a lot of running around, chasing and team work! Everyone gave their 100% and with lots of laughter

Soon after this we brushed up on 5 sutras in a very interesting way… Kudos to the organizing team for getting the sutras explained with some amazing pictures explaining the sutras.

Soon, how could we miss hearing to our very own BAWA! There was a knwoledge sheet videos from him for us… thoroughly enjoyable and delivered like only Bawa can!

We winded up our session with Dinner with mouthwatering dishes(we won’t reveal here :P)

Great to have you all:)) YES!+ Rocks 🙂 ) Keep Smiling Keep Rocking…..:)



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