Kriya and Creativity

– by Winnie Soh

Creativity flows from someplace deep inside that none of us can name. All those who write, paint,draw,sing, dance or do something creative know that their ideas flow from a space deep within that can be best described as nothingness. There is no thinking involved here, just reaching down into the depths of your heart and soul and there it is- the flow of the writing, song, dance or painting or the creation and once tapped into, it just continues with ease. There is no effort involved here and while engaged in the making, there are no thoughts either. If one observes oneself during such a time, one feels peaceful- in harmony with the world, there is just you and your creation.

Having said that, when one starts to do Kriya, one starts touching base with that innermost self, bit-by-bit. There is a drastic reduction in the levels of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’, therefore there is more peace with fewer thoughts. Also the grasping power of the mind, one’s focus, concentration and efficiency at the task at hand improves as one starts becoming more and more aware of oneself. This is because breath is what connects the body and mind. And if one becomes aware of the breath, one becomes aware of one’s mind. As one starts to know the intricacies of the mind, one’s true nature starts manifesting. And that is the space from where creation happens. Think about it! When one creates, one accesses the very depths of oneself without knowing, the proof is the authenticity that comes from creating doesn’t it? It feels so original.

And there is proof of this too, A.R.Rahman has said in almost every interview that his success is all due to his spiritual practices. And look at the kind of originality and richness in his work.  The same is valid for Rabindranath Tagore. His creations are so simple yet so eloquent. This goes against the notions that spirituality is boring and that one must renounce life with its dynamism to lead a spiritual life. Krishna was the very embodiment of spirituality. Did he not live life? He was full of life in the endless tales that talk of his world-changing actions. And none could match the magic his flute wove.

Spirituality is dynamism. H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living and the Sudarshan Kriya observes that this world created by the Divine is so vast, magnanimous, dynamic and diverse. There are so many types of creations. There is no one type of fruit or one plant or only one species of animal. In fact, every single human being on this planet is unique. So if spirituality is getting in touch with this divinity that is present in oneself, then imagine the kind of creativity that would flow from oneself. The Sudarshan Kriya itself, is a technique that aims to make the practitioner tap into and realize this divinity in himself.

In corollary, the numerous other benefits aforementioned begin manifesting. So there lies the relation between creativity and the Kriya. The creator-the divinity that created this world is what we are made of. Therefore, we ourselves have the very same divinity present in us, just as every poem reflects the poet and every painting reflects the painter and every wave is only the ocean.



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